A well-balanced Napa Valley Zinfandel paired nicely to the HM3 Cheeseburger

Harold's Meat + Three
2 Renwick Street New York, NY 10013

“This voluptuous, well-balanced burger should be met with an equally voluptuous wine. That’s why I chose a well-balanced Napa Valley Zinfandel. The notes of leather and cedar found in the wine embrace the smokiness of this burger. The roundness of Zinfandel’s fruit really marries well with the burger’s sweet and tangy condiments.” — Cheron Cowan, Wine Director

Chef Harold Moore’s slick, Manhattanite version of the southern-style “meat and three” offers all those things, and does not disappoint. But resist the urge to try his dinosaur-sized (and delicious) prime rib, and order the burger instead. Available only at brunch and dinner, the double-patty HM3 Burger tastes like the In-N-Out burger’s more sophisticated sibling, if said sibling had an expense account. Wine Director Cheron Cowan recommends washing each beefy bite down with a fruity, spicy, and robust Napa Valley Zinfandel.


About Cheron Cowan – General Manager / Wine Director

Currently the General Manager and Wine Director of Harold’s Meat + Three, Cheron has worked in high profile NYC restaurants for respectively 20 years. A certified sommelier with the Court of Masters, the wine menu she selected for Harold’s recently won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. In a recent trip to Napa, Cheron was amazed by the meticulous care and and sense of community found in the region. For her, Napa Valley wines are truly a gift and invoke a sense of pride among U.S. sommeliers.

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