Pork Belly Slider, or the Orange-Cumin Chicken slider, paired with a hillside Napa Valley Red Blend

Morrell Wine Bar & Café

1 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020

“What we are starting off with is a nice slice of braised pork belly, that has been marinated in citrus and that we then pan fry, top with a fresh cabbage slaw and serve on a brioche bun. Our choice of a Napa Red Blend such a fresh, vibrant red and bramble fruit and warm spice character that it works hand in hand complimenting the flavors coming from the pork, and it also has a lively acidity to it that cuts through the richness of the slider” — Christian Fentress, Sommelier

Don’t let the tiny space (and even tinier kitchen) fool you—Midtown East’s Morrell Wine Bar & Café sends out satisfying, well-conceived dishes, all with an eye on their impressive wine list. For a solid pre-theater meal, look no further than the citrus-marinated, braised Pork Belly Slider, or the Orange-Cumin Chicken slider.


About the Morell Wine Team

Anna Christina Cabrales (Wine Director) and Christian Fentress (Sommelier) are the wine team at Morrell Wine Bar & Café. For Anna, Napa Valley wines, especially with a little bit of age, are a great showcase of terroir, and in recent years, with oak being more restrained, this really makes the fruit and terroir shine. Christian is a huge fan of how Napa Valley wine makers are showing their skills in creating incredibly powerful, yet balanced and elegant wine that are great both on their own and paired with food

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