Two Philly Cheesesteak sliders paired with a Napa Valley Albariño

Stanton Social

99 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10012

“Acidity is key here to balancing out the richness of this Philly Cheesesteak slider. The basket of aromas and racing acidity found in a Napa Valley Albariño is the perfect match to cut through the richness of the slider.” — Megan Ardizoni, Beverage Director

Don’t let the quotations fool you into thinking this is some molecular gastronomy approximation of the American classic. This chef-approved (Josh Capon of Bowery Meat Company is a fan) slider is unmistakably a Philly cheesesteak—only with fancier ingredients, and in a portion size that won’t leave you craving a nap afterward. Beverage Director Megan Ardizoni pairs this decadently glowed up cheesesteak, made with thin slices of Kobe beef and topped with melted truffled goat cheese, with the “racing acidity” of a Napa Valley Albariño. For those who say white wine and red meat don’t work together, this pairing will be a revelation. Bright, refreshing, and lively flavors of lime zest, toasted almond, ginger, and ripe apricot allow this wine to perfectly counterbalance the richness of this slider.


About Megan Ardizoni – Beverage Director

Megan Ardizoni, Beverage Director for TAO Group’s VANDAL, Beauty & Essex and The Stanton Social, is a 15-year industry veteran. Megan prides herself on identifying what people love to drink and works to incorporate those tastes into Tao Group’s beverage program while maintaining the menus’ integrity. What Megan loves most about Napa Valley wines is how deeply rooted the region is in the history of American wine making. The region is constantly improving and evolving and it’s a real testament to what the country is capable of.

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